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Do you need more customers for your business? If you want to attract more customers for your company, invest in SEO. Investing in SEO is investing in the future. Being or not being that is the difference between you and your competition. 

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Over recent decades the internet has changed the way we do business in many sectors from buying things at auction, from insurance to booking flights and buying a holiday and so the list goes on.  But in order to find a business or find any piece of information on the internet, there needs to be a process or a website that allows you to search for what you are looking for.

These websites tend to be called search engines. Over the decades, though more and more sites were added to these search engines, in fact, it is estimated that millions of pages every day are added. This creates a problem of how do you decide, which results should be shown to the consumer when they search for a particular business or piece of information?

Well, each search engine has its own particular calculation of what results it should show to you and me when we action a search with them. This calculation is called an algorithm. So search engine optimization is where someone learns about the algorithm and applies this information to a website to help get that website near the top of search engine results.

During the early years, some black hat techniques were used to try and manipulate the search results, something which the odd unscrupulous search engine optimization company may still try and do. However, most search engine companies just like Edmonton SEO Company, pretty much know all the techniques and have applied filters to prevent these tactics working anymore. The results mean that now, normally what is useful for the visitor is good for search engine optimization purposes also.

In fact, Google states, do what is right for your visitors in order to get better SEO (search engine optimization) results. Edmonton SEO Company knows this and the work they do will have a double effect of keeping visitors and improving SEO results.

How Web Design Affects Google’s Ranking?

There was a time where Google said all SEO was bad, their proposal was to just design a site that suits our visitors and let them decide how to rank it. But now they state that they support SEO, probably because the rules of engagement have changed and even good designers could get poor rankings, just because they did not follow web design guidelines.

Here are a few examples

H tags should only be used for textual reasons, not for design only, and example never use more that one H1 tag on any page and ensure this header is the main title of the page.

Content on the page should be placed high above the fold and not under JavaScript graphics or anything that suggest to Google that your visitors have to scroll down to establish the real content of the page.

A final example is page load times. Using large images or not fully optimizing to CSS to speed up the load page time will hurt your rankings in Google.

We know all this because Google now tells us these things about web design where not so long ago any information like this was kept from us.

Choosing a Web Design Company

I live in the Edmonton near a city called Alberta and work with probably far less web design companies than you may think. The reason for this is for most web design is an artistic process and even though many companies know hoe to add title tags etc, they don’t know enough to design sites that will ever rank well for hard to get search terms.

I state where I live because I would only employ a firm that did web design in Newcastle, because I like to sit in front of a computer screen and show what I need done, not from a “how it looks” point of view, but from an SEO essentials point of view.

So if you are choosing a web design company, first have a look at other designs they have done and ask, do they fit in with the latest SEO techniques. So when they state they design sites with SEO in mind do they really know their stuff.

Then consider a local company that you can meet, build up a relationship face to face.